Thursday, July 14, 2011

I'm a Geni[o]us

Not sure if I'm a confirmed genius or not (but the fact that I initially spelled "genius" wrong is probably my confirmation that no, I am not in fact a genius) but I invented my very own, non-electric snooze button this morning. Want 5 more minutes and can't quite reach your alarm clock/cell phone? Go back to sleep with your arm under your head... in about 5 minutes it's going to hurt like a bastard and wake yo ass up! BOOM! It was only about 4 minutes for me this morning, so the length of snooze you will get differs on the strength of your own personal blood circulation.

If the arm thing doesn't wake you, try thinking of this guy

In other not-a-genius-confirmation news, my nose hurts. Sometimes while washing my face, my pinky goes rouge and slips up my nostril, the nail slicing a little cut just large enough to sting like a bitch anytime it's disturbed. what IS that?

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