Friday, July 1, 2011


Eric (husband) and I went on a date last night, courtesy of our good friend Lindsey and the wedding gift she gave us of a gift certificate to our favorite restaurant, and a gift card to the movies. She also gave us a stipulation that we needed to use both gifts on the same night, since we VERY frequently end our dates after dinner and proceed to spend our evenings hosting some sort of casual gathering.

Tokyo Lobby is the sushi restaurant where we have been going since we started dating. It's our favorite. Last night the owner was working as our server, instead of his adorable wife, and he brought us everything on one of those big wooden boats! WE GOT OUR SUSHI ON A BOAT! It was spectacular. Since I didn't take a picture, even though I was totally thinking that I should, I will post a picture that my friend Stacie took of the time she and her husband got their sushi on a boat at Tokyo Lobby. Accept ours didn't have that sweet sail. and we had WAY cooler sushi. But no beer... so touche, Stacie. Touche.

Continuing with the rules of the date, we went to see X-Men: First Class. Eric is has a little obsession with Spiderman, and is a huge fan of anything Marvel and comic book related, so you would expect that he would have gotten a little contact buzz off of this movie... but I'm pretty sure I was more excited than he was. It was spectacular. My only qualms were these:

- Jennifer Lawrence is cast as the young version of Mystique. She does not look like a young version of Rebecca Romijn. She is cute, at best. She is not a particularly good actress; more the kind that makes you slightly uncomfortable to watch because you feel embarrassed for her. Who is she related to/sleeping with who got her cast in this movie?

- The not-so-scientific actions involving science with a scientist. Trial and Error is a relatively basic system to build your scientific work upon. Not only was this scientist not acting very sciency, but he was willing to test a new serum on a third party (him being the 1st party, and science being the 2nd).

- Michael Fassbender's penis outline has a staring role in nearly every scene he's in. (it's "staring" because you feel as if it's staring at you and you are unable to look away. Ask Eric. Once I called his attention to the penis outline, he couldn't stop looking at it. And he doesn't even find penis outlines attractive!) This isn't actually a qualm, I just wanted to spread the word. Bumblebee Tuna. You're welcome.

After the movie I wanted to jump around like a 5 year does after seeing an action movie, showing off my sweet moves that I learned during my extensive training, sitting in a movie theater.

Also, I want to hug James McAvoy. and Michael Fassbender.

To wrap it up, I want to see this movie again. and again. and also, again.

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